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Wouldn't you know it, the mutant in which I had the least interest was the center of attention in the flat-out best film of the franchise. Brutally violent though it may be at times, Logan is brimming with palpably painful heart and soul. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart both deliver career-defining, nearly heartbreaking performances. But the film's greatest strength lies in a rock-solid, character-driven story; the superhero aspect of it is incidental, making it substantially more approachable by adult filmgoers otherwise disinterested in comics or superheroes.

Incidentally, the deluxe disc release included Logan Noir, a monochrome version of the film. To be honest, this seemed like an unnecessary gimmick; Logan was dark enough in full color. Also, Logan technically belongs in the X-Men franchise, but (as with Deadpool) I felt he deserved to be on his own.





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