Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

2016, RatPac-Dune Entertainment et al

Justice League is DC Comic's answer to Marvel's Avengers, and as such feels like an also-ran in a race to the bank, as opposed to any effort at serious filmmaking. In DC's first pan-franchise installment, we see that Jack Snyder's style is about as subtle as a wrecking ball. He starts with a vaguely interesting premise—pitting two superheroes against one another—that happen to provide a genuinely intriguing subtext: examining the collateral damage caused by superheroes, and their moral responsibilities to the lives they presumably protect. Unfortunately, any such exploration of these topics is completely drowned out by lurid excess of violence and destruction (we get your point already, Jack), culminating in the senselessly brutal, way-over-the-top titular battle, the outcome of which hingeg on an improbable coincidence with respect to the heroes' mothers. Having said that, I confess to the guilty pleasure of watching said battle unfold—the superhero equivalent of an immovable object being met by an irresistible force. We all knew it was coming anyway, so let's just see how it plays out (but at 151 minutes, it's a long wait).







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