Over the Hedge

2006, Dreamworks

Despite being a box office success, I found myself decidedly unimpressed. Sure, the voice cast was top-drawer—with Bruce Willis and the one, the only William Shatner—and the animation was exceptional. In the extras, the film's developers expressed considerable pride in their groundbreaking work on simulating fur, and the surely deserve kudos for it. But the story just didn't resonate with me nearly as much as it did with its theatergoers, who bought $330 million in tickets for an $80 million film.

Some of the slapstick was a bit excessive, bordering at times on being cruel, and there were exactly two lines that made me smile. The short in the extras featuring the squirrel with a boomerang turned out to be much more entertaining. That said, having lived in a condo, I really appreciate how the film totally skewers homeowners' association presidents!







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