Ćon Flux

2005, MTV Films et al

Fans of Peter Chung's popular animated series (of which I'm one) were deeply disappointed by the big-screen adaptation, the biggest problem being that the original Ćon Flux simply wasn't suited for live-action—at least not PG-rated. Chung even endorsed it, which had me wondering how much he had been paid to do so (just kidding... a little). Even though I'm ordinarily never bothered by deviations from canon, it didn't feel genuine. The effects were fine, and the location shooting made use of a number of fascinating buildings in Berlin that provided interesting and effective sets. Charlize Theron poured her heart and soul into the role, even suffering a serious neck injury from a stunt gone wrong. But in the end, it just didn't go anywhere. Perhaps it might have benefitted from being disassociated from the franchise, in order to lower expectations, since it's not terrible in and of itself.







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