Battle Beyond the Stars

1980, New World Pictures et al

This is my token Roger Corman movie. While I do enjoy the occasional "so bad it's good" flick, I'm not a connoisseur. One of the reasons this one sticks around in my collection is Robert Vaughn: I've never considered him a particularly good actor, but he's delightfully appalling here. Notable factoids: At a cost of $2 million, it was Corman's biggest budget film; much of the capital went into George Peppard's paycheck, so to save money, the spaceship corridors were made of spray-painted hamburger boxes. James Cameron did the special effects (ostensibly his "big break"), and notable film composer James Horner ripped off Jerry Goldsmith's score for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. It was actually a minor box office success (possibly due in part to its big-boobed spaceship), earning over $11 million.






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