David on Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

Once again, Lucas proves he alone regards himself as an accomplished filmmaker. Granted, if this is measured only in terms of revenue, then yes, he is. But when critical response to his efforts are objectively gauged, he's lost way back in the pack. With Revenge of the Sith, one gets the distinct sense of a maligned director bound and determined to show us all "how it's done." Fans and critics be damned.

Sadly, many of his fans are now former fans owing to his desperate need to realize his visions his way. When fans voiced outrage over some of the changes he made to the original Star Wars—particularly the "Han shot first" controversy—he sternly advised his detractors that Star Wars was his property to do with as he saw fit. That's true from a legal standpoint; from a cultural standpoint, however, the spirit of the film, if you will, belongs to its audience. Tinker with it, and see how quickly your revenue stream can be dented.

Well, bad reviews or not, Lucas' revenue stream remains intact (merchandise licensing alone has generated billions of dollars for him). So, he feels free, indeed justified, to produce whatever crap he chooses, and pass it off as a worthwhile motion picture. Consider: who in their right mind names a film Revenge of the Sith? Clearly Lucas didn't give jack about a potential audience unfamiliar with the Star Wars universe—I mean, WTF is Sith? I have but one quote from Revenge to summarize my—and everyone else's—massive disappointment in Lucas' skills. Darth Vader: "Noooooo!"

And once again, the only thing saving it from being utter SH!T is a really cool light show. The only reason I can offer for continuing to watch Lucas-produced Star Wars movies is eternal hope for something better. Well, so much for hope. The only saving grace is that Lucas has at last turned the reins over to much more capable hands.


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