David on The Matrix

The Matrix and I have something of a love-hate relationship: While I find aspects of the film repugnant, I cannot deny its greatness as a groundbreaking film—technically, aesthetically, creatively. In a way, it's a tangible example of lightning captured in a bottle, a quality underscored by how underwhelming its sequels proved to be.

Make no mistake: despite its undeniable influence on the film industry and, indeed, our culture—having spawned an almost cult-like following—it's still just a movie. Those who cling to its vaguely philosophical messages as though they were passages from newly-minted religious tomes, even going so far as to suggest the film reveals a massive, heretofore unknown cover-up, evidently have a hard time separating reality from entertainment. Thus, my rating is based purely on its quality as a piece of filmmaking, and most definitely not any endorsement for conspiracy theories.


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