David on Blade Runner

Rattling off all of the things that make Ridley Scott's Blade Runner so magnificent—and significant—would be redundant, since there's already been so much written about it. So, I'll keep it simple. This film not only envisioned the future in unsettlingly accurate ways, it also influenced countless films and filmmakers to follow. And it spawned its own sub-genre: sci-fi noire.

Consequently, even those who don't like it are forced to acknowledge its greatness. How many other films have seen so many re-issues on home video, in a myriad of variations? How many other films have been subjected to so much analysis? I bought an original Betamax release of Blade Runner and literally wore it out watching it so many times. Granted, I'm something of a student of film, so I've spent quite a but of time scrutinizing it with almost rabid intensity. And the thing is, I still do. Blade Runner has a permanent slot in my all time five fave films.


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