David on Arrival

Falling in right behind Contact on my list of all-time greats, Arrival stands as yet another example of intelligent, literate science fiction filmmaking. Not to mention a tour de force for Amy Adams; there's no denying she's a force to be reckoned with (just as it was for Jodie Foster in Contact). For me, its biggest flaw is the awkward documentary segment in the middle: it comes out of nowhere without warning, and jarring in its totally different voice. While it's done well in and of itself, I feel things could have been improved having some sort of transitions into and out of the sequence. My other quibble is what feels like a rushed ending—although it could be reasonably argued that it's not unlike how things unfold in life. But these are minor nits in the grand scheme of things, easily overlooked given the inspiring script, solid performances, flawless effects, and great score.


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