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A few more views of the cabin's environs...

Beautiful sunsets were actually somewhat rare, owing to the fact that New Hampshire is among those with the cleanest air in the continental United States.

I have countless cherished memories from those years. Among the fondest of them was sitting in the canoe out on the pond one evening, and gazing up at a crystal-clear moon just as we'd made the moon landing. "There are people up there right now," I recall thinking. Another standout moment was seeing the Northern Lights. Yet another significant event was meeting Marty Engstrom, something of an idol of mine and an area celebrity, whilst on a nature walk. We could only get one channel on our tiny B&W TV back then, and "Marty on the Mountain" was a highlight each evening. Silly, I know, but these are the things that shape us.

But without question, the single most important event from my summer vacations was meeting Stephen and Dorothy Greene, who spent their summers nearby and frequently came to the public beach on Bearcamp Pond.

I've returned to the area many times throughout my adulthood, and while I confess my visits have always been bittersweet, I cling to those precious memories as reminders of why I'm still alive.

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