An Announcement

This is not by any means a pleasant announcement, and so sensitive souls are strongly urged to back out now.

At this writing (14 November 2023) I've survived nearly three years past when my terminal heart disease was statistically supposed to claim my life, so I'm already living on borrowed time. If I should still be alive in November 2024, and if one despicable creature named Donald Trump should be re-elected as President of the United States (which I doubt would happen, but anything is possible in this fucked-up world), I will commit suicide.

I simply cannot bear the thought of living in a country capable of electing such an animal into the highest office. I survived his prior four years in office, and suffered the same emotional scarring as half the country. If this were to happen again, I'd hold the sanity of the entire human race in question.

This is not a joke. I am dead serious. And if anyone reading this should attempt an intervention, I'd advise against it, because I have friends who will ensure my success, regardless of what anyone might do to try and prevent it.

Furthermore, I'm hopeful that, if it should come to pass, my sacrifice to humanity might be broadcast to the world, because the world needs to know that Trump is the disease, the cancer, the rot that is destroying this country. He must not be allowed to exist.

Tolerance? That word is not in his or his followers' vocabulary. Therefore, we need not show any compassion toward them, for it would be utterly wasted. Treat them just as they would treat us: as vermin (to quote the beast himself).

My friends know that I'm a gentle person. But they also know that, if I was in a room alone with Trump, and I was also armed, I would shoot him dead in an instant, without hesitation or regret or regard to the outcome for me. The world would be a far better place without that worthless scumbag.

If we truly want our democracy back, we will have to do some ugly, decidedly un-democratic things to accomplish it. Yes, there will be losses on both sides. But hopefully, we will prevail, and the losses will be worth it. This is a life-or-death fight to save ourselves from one of the worst threats since Hitler. No exaggeration.

Assuming I'm still alive in November 2024, the world had better hope I'm still kicking the day after the election. Because, if not, you're all fucked.